AI solution for hospital call centers

super charge your patient outreach campaigns



LucidAct eliminates spreadsheets and manual work that many teams engage in to track patients

LucidAct Health Tracking


Based on your workflows and the patient's journey, engage team members proactively to complete tasks


Accelerate completion of time-consuming tasks: pre-filled forms, e-signatures, voice-to-text transcription of notes and questionnaires, and more




Secure messaging and sharing data in your workflows, and within the patient's context with team members inside and across the 4 walls


Machine learning on workflow operations, notes, and other data: Get actionable insights for prompt actions at the point of care, and for continuous process improvement


LucidAct Health Timeline

Why LucidAct? 

The simplest way to improve access to care, referral-to-treatment time, and adherence to treatment and follow-up care

Bring EMR Data into Workflows

  • Bring relevant EMR data to the point of care in a simple user interface
  • Engage the right resources in time per your workflows and patient journey
  • Beyond surfacing the gaps in care (what), LucidAct is the only system that helps with how to utilize data, IT tools, and resources to close them

Align with value-based Care models

  • Direct workflow actions, and capture operations metrics to generate reports for new payment models
  • Communicate and share securely and effectively with care team members, patients, and caregivers
  • Bridge the gap between remote patient monitoring devices and the care team's workflows to proactively act on potential adverse events

Automate Process Improvement work

  • Revamp the slow, manual process improvement efforts
  • Instantly put a new workflow into practice, and compare its performance to the current workflow
  • Gain actionable insights from process analysis and system-suggested optimizations

Who We Are

Our mission is to boost efficiency and effectiveness of care teams with a system that is vigilant about each patient's needs in his/her care pathway, and coordinates the corresponding actions. Our team is the vehicle that achieves this goal.

Cheong Ang

Grace Chen

Co-Founder & CEO

Grace Chen is the CEO and Co-Founder of LucidAct Health, she is responsible for the strategy, sales, business development, partnerships, and the product strategy.  LucidAct Health provides AI-powered team assistant for the chronic care clinics.  Her company is part of the Startup Health Moonshot Academy, their vision is to become the Google Map to guide future clinical workflows for fully connected hospitals and clinics.


Grace has a Master Degree in Computer Science and 10+ years’ experience in the Healthcare IT industry.  Prior starting LucidAct Health, Grace was a program director at Stanford Health Care and Sutter Health.  She successfully led multiple high-profile care transformation projects at Stanford Cancer Center and jumped started the survivorship program for 10,000 patients by targeting specific needs of cancer survivors.

Cheong Ang

Cheong Ang

Co-Founder & CTO

Cheong is a Web & Data expert, and a Healthcare innovation catalyst.  

He has served as tech lead of IBM Software Group and consultant of IBM Healthcare/Life Sciences, and held leadership positions in product management and business intelligence at several startups.  Software projects he has led include real-time identity resolution systems for Banking and Healthcare, targeted-advertising data warehouse, and location-based Mobile Web solutions for small-to-medium businesses.  In addition, he helped the San Francisco Department of Public Health Innovation Hub in technology-enabled innovations in Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, reducing no-shows, data analytics, and process improvement.

He is also the co-inventor of technologies behind five U.S. patents related to interactivity on the Web, which have been licensed by leading companies in IT, Financial Services, and Retail industries

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